Almost Always

Almost Always uses video editing to create a world where time doesn’t pass. The project is based on a fantastical hypothesis from a 1950’s edition of Popular Science magazine, proposing that if a person could move Westward around the globe, traversing the distance of a time zone in an hour that they could evade time and mortality. Enacting this theory in contemporary terms, Almost Always loops footage shot by 64 participants on New Year’s Eve in every time zone, cutting each clip a frame before midnight. Projected on a large sphere, the video loops in time-zone order, continually suspending us in the moments before midnight, in perpetual anticipation as it is always almost the new year.  


The Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists is a program of the Foundation for Jewish Culture, originally founded in partnership with Avoda Arts, and JDub, with significant funding from The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, and the Righteous Persons Foundation.